Professional service of management of electronic cards

We provide a full range of services to connect your business to the technology of issuing electronic cards
for Apple Passbook (Wallet) and Android PassWallet

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Electronic card

The modern way of communication with the customer

  • card is always at the smartphone of a client
  • always current information via the automatic update
  • does not occupy too much space

Perfect software

For the creation and updating of electronic cards for iPhone Passbook (Wallet) and Android PassWallet. It is able to increase the loyalty of your customers, attract new ones, and return the communication with the departed.


Good choice

It is convenient

To refuse carrying plastic cards, replacing them with electronic versions. They weigh nothing and are always in the smartphone


Scan the code for receiving the service. No bills and papers, checking passport or numbers


Receive notification at every change of the card and see them on the locked screen


Manage the customer's card through the user-friendly interface, and analyze usage statistics


Notify the client by sending notifications and placing geolocation tags


Use the secure connection and professional API

Tariff Plans

  • Connection
  • Design cards
  • 1 pattern
  • 2 500 cards
  • Connection
  • Design cards
  • 3 patterns
  • 5 000 cards
  • Connection API
  • Connection
  • Design cards
  • 5 patterns
  • 10 000 cards
  • Connection API
  • Integration to CRM

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